I will be heading off to South by Southwest this Wednesday, not only will it be my first time going to SXSW but it will be my first time going to a conference ever. In preparation for this I’ve been busy creating my own personal website. I can’t wait for some great sessions and the opportunity ro network with a huge number of like minded  people all interested in Film, Graphic Design, Writing and other forms of graphic design.

Stay tuned I am sure i’ll have lots of pictures,stories and video’s to share with you soon!!

-Niek Theelen


“Crooked” Short Film 2014

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t blogged in an extremely long time so I figured why not start to change that today!

the past few months have been nothing short of amazing! In January I finished work on my first short film. Which I wrote and directed and with the hello of an amazing crew. In just 3 months time this went from an idea in my head to a film that is now on Youtube, I hope you guys enjoy it.


APST 2000 Field Experience 1 : Report 1

This semester I will be completing a Field Study with the Accommodated Learning Centre(ALC) at the University of Lethbridge.

What does the Accommodated Learning Centre do?

The Accommodated Learning Centre(ALC) works with students who need extra time on exams or require notetakers,academic strategists or other tools to help them succeed within the university environment. In addition the ALC can help a students apply for grants that will allow them to purchase tools that will help to ease a students learning such as  speech recognition software.

What will I be working on? How does this project Benefit the ALC and what do I hope to get out of the experience?

Every semester students who use the services of the ALC are required to go through a policy session, this session is required since this is when staff at the ALC will go through how to book a test with students,get all students to sign the required policy form and answer any questions students may have. This process is a long one since it requires that the staff personally show ever student how to use their test booking system.

This is why I have been asked to create a video that will make the process much easier for ALC staff, my plan is to create three video based modules to simplify the “how to book a test” process and also create a resource which can be posted online that students can access for future reference should they forget a step or need information.

As student in the New Media program working on his project will allow me to learn and improve on skills I have acquired over the course of my first 3 years in the New Media program.


1. Learn how to successfully plan out and execute a film project.

2. Improve my editing skills using Adobe Premier CC software.

3. Work with another new media student and ALC staff to create the best project which accomplishes all the desires and goals of the project


1. I have gone through the ALC policy form to decide which policies should be included in the video and which ones should be left on the form not included in the video.

2 . My plan is to covey the information through a series of modules, which will explain

Who the Accommodated Learning Centre is?

What they do?

How they can help you (as a student)?

How to book a test through the ALC

Where to go/Who to ask if you need help?

I believe that the best way to relay this information is through a series of modules that would allow a student after having gone through all the modules once to then click on individual modules so that should they need to review a module such as how to book an exam through the ALC they can do so without needing to watch the whole series of videos.

As I mentioned ‘I have begun to work on storyboarding for some of the modules  and talked to the ALC in advance to set up an alias account which I could use when I am screen capturing video for the how to book a test module.

This may not seen like a lot of work right now but in a week or 2 when I plan to begin filming having been open with the ALC about my plans and having a clear sense of the projects goals will help me to finish the video on time and do so in an efficient and well organized manner.

I will be meeting with my supervisor at the end of this week to discuss my plan of action  and receive his input on what he would like to see included in the project to create the best possible result.

I will also be posting pictures of my storyboarding by the end of the week

Thanks for reading,

Niek Theelen


New Images in gallery…more to come

Posts on Classmates Blogs

These are the Comments I made on classmates WordPress blogs: Comment posted on Alix Redmond’s Blog:



  1. Thanks for sharing this Alix, I think its interesting how some of the area’s on the map are so densely and almost constantly filled with flights especially in Europe that it almost seems like some of the flights have to take a longer route to get to their destination because of such clogged airspace in certain areas. But I guess it makes sense when you consider that many flights today have 2 or 3 stop overs in different places before they get to their destination this combined with the fact that with a European union passport anyone in europe can fly to anywhere in Europe for about around $50-100

  Comment on Jenna Thompson’s Blog

Cool idea, I like the example you gave a link to because I didn’t get a chance to see this project in class but, I thought this idea was cool because, the way the constraints in the coding work It kind of reminds me of human breathing the way the images alternate back and forth. Awesome job, one thing that might have been cool to try is to change the hue or tint of one of the images I think it might create a cool effect based on your idea and the example you gave.


Now that the semester is nearly over I will continue to use this blog to show case some of my other new media work. By the end of April/ Early May I plan to post some more of my photography as well, parts of my most recent scriptwriting work and  as soon as it is done. I will post a link to a short film I worked on earlier this year.

Until then any feedback you have on my past work posted on this blog is greatly appreciated

-Niek Theelen 

Processing Assignment 3C continued

In Anson Liang’s original the original drawing had a black background with a Beige coloured snake and cube of red food.

I attempted to make changes to the original by making the background light blue a yellow snake and a red ellipse to represent the food.

I also indicated on the game over screen that by pressing “R” you can return to the start screen.

Below is a screenshot of another example of a Snake Game which I from which I tried (but failed to correctly include) the scoreboard which tracks how big your current snake is and your high score. I did not include it because the coding of the scoreboard included variables which I wasn’t sure how to properly include the scoreboard without causing errors in the program.  


 Of the two I enjoyed  working with Processing more than I did with Arduino and if I have time during the summer I would like to create a more interactive version of the snake game I worked on by making the game challenging by perhaps adding shapes or moving ghosts that would make it more difficult for the snake to get to the food without dying

In addition I attempted to make a start menu for the game indicating that you could press “S” to start the game and also include the header image which I intended to include below but, I was not sure how to correctly include it.

I attempted to include a start page but it would constantly blink between a white and blue background when I included it in the draw loop so I decided not to include it in favour of the game working correctly without a tittle screen.